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SciTech Culture - Science, Technology and Culture in the 21st Century, curated by Steve Kern and Ben Warner.

Small Wave TV - The official online web television channel for Small Wave Films (on YouTube).

Films by Ben Warner - Online channel for films made by Ben Warner, founder of Small Wave Films (on Vimeo).



FiST Chat - Vodcast featuring discussions on film, science and technology hosted by scientist/filmmaker Stephan Kern and web content developer/filmmaker Ben Warner.

Food Discoveries - An internet television series focusing on tasty culinary experiences form all over the world.

GFC - "GFC: Gunpoint Finance Creditor", the second short film from Small Wave Films, based on a cunning loan shark who traps susceptible debtors with the lure of fast cash.

Guardian: The Series - Digicosm's second feature film "Guardian", now re-edited in to a seven part mini-series for Small Wave TV.

The Monster In The River - The third short film from Small Wave Films; a whimsical tale about a man and his fantastical obsession.

Parallels - Award winning sci-fi/horror feature film from production company Digicosm.

Shore Stories - A documentary on life in coastal Sandringham's SHQ and surrounding environs.

The Trial Of Film - "Spinal Tap For Film!" Home of the mockumentaries, "The Trial Of Film" and "The Trial Of Film 2", with exclusive video interviews with independent film practitioners and the online streaming downloads of independent free short films, documentaries, music videos, trailers, featurettes and more.

Trial 159 - "Trial 159", the fourth short film from Small Wave Films, based on a man forced by a malevolent force to conduct an unearthly experiment.

Would You Help - "Samaritan", the inaugural short film from Small Wave Films, based on one man's attempt to help another in trouble but with devastating consequences. 



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