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SCITECH CULTURE: Examining Science, Technology and Culture in the 21st Century. Hosted by Stephan Kern and Ben Warner.

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PARALLELS: Digicosm's award winning sci-fi/horror feature film.

GFC: GUNPOINT FINANCE CREDITOR: The second film from "Small Wave Films", delving in to the murky waters of the current Global Financial Crisis as seen through the eyes of a cunning and devious loan shark.

SAMARITAN: The first film from "Small Wave Films", telling the story of a man coming to terms with his fateful decision to help another in distress and in the process, changing his life forever.

THE TRIAL OF FILM.COM: Home of the mockumentaries, "The Trial Of Film" and "The Trial Of Film 2", with exclusive video interviews with independent film practitioners and the online streaming downloads of independent free short films, documentaries, music videos, trailers, featurettes and more.

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