Parallels Crew
Genre: Science-Fiction / Horror / Thriller

Walter Jattner is summoned from his uneventful life to a new calling; swept to another dimension by a mysterious man dressed in a Blue Suit, he is left alone in a room full of mirrors. Seeing hundreds of reflections of himself, he is shocked to see the reflections emerge from the mirrors - as real people. Blue Suit explains to Jattner that he is occupying the same space and time with versions of himself from different parallel universes; furthermore, Jattner has the power to cross between these universes. Confronted with this new destiny, Jattner becomes the official administrator of the parallel universes, a position he takes with reluctance, as he doubts his own abilities to succeed in the role. Jattner’s one directive from Blue Suit is that he cannot directly interfere with any universe; he can only influence the people within them to effect change.

27 year-old Jessica Velardo has it all: a great job, great life, and her boyfriend Scott Nolan has every quality in a partner that she could wish for. One night, Scott proposes to her; she says “Yes” without hesitation. Later that night, Jessica wakes to the sound of Scott screaming from downstairs. She finds Scott’s bloodied and mutilated body sprawled across the kitchen floor. Overwhelmed with shock, she passes out.

Jattner, watching from a distance and unable to directly interfere, is faced with his first crucial test: Jessica has been pushed out of her universe and in to another; a universe where everything she knows has changed. Furthermore, a twisted, evil version of Jessica from another universe is responsible for killing Scott, and is hell bent on killing every version of Scott in every universe. As more versions of Scott are killed, Jessica is pushed in to a different universe and experiences the different versions of Scott first hand, including the version that battered and abused evil Jessica and turned her in to the raging, psychopathic killer she has become.

Jattner must use the skills he is learning to place all the universes back in to alignment, all the while overcoming his doubts and fears about succeeding in his role as administrator of the parallel universes as well as adhering to the strict rules Blue Suit has created for him.

Jessica must defeat her evil twin before the latter is able to unravel the fabric of all life through her psychotic killing spree, as well as preventing Jessica from attaining the romantic and spiritual connection with the correct version of Scott, a connection Jessica has desired her entire life.

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