Shooting The Bar Scene

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Behind The Scenes of the filming for Scene 37, or the Bar Scene from GUARDIAN.

Filming The Dinner Scene

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A brief behind the scenes look at the filming of a crucial dinner sequence in the film.

The Lead Actors

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In this behind the scenes featurette, the lead actors of GUARDIAN discuss their experiences making the film, with exclusive behind the scenes footage.

World Premiere

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Footage from the World Premiere of Ben Warner's second feature film, GUARDIAN, with 500 in attendance.

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SYNOPSIS: The lives of three disparate people are brought together by a mysterious supernatural force whose intent is to reveal the hidden truth that binds them together.

"Guardian" began life as a 101-minute feature film from production company Digicosm and filmmaker Ben Warner, originally completed in 2002.

The film was re-made in to a multi-part mini-series available to watch online for Small Wave TV. The series features a new musical score and soundtrack.

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