World Premiere: Friday 11 October 2002

Gala Screening: Saturday 12 October 2002

GUARDIAN premiered at Academy Cinema City on Friday 11 October 2002 to an audience of 460. Peter Sellen from Network Ten News performed Master of Ceremonies duties.

A Gala Screening opened to the public was held at the same venue on Saturday 12 October 2002 to an audience of 420.

Both screenings on the premiere weekend were followed by after parties, catered by corporate sponsors.

GUARDIAN had several more screenings in Adelaide as part of its opening season at the Nova Cinema (Rundle Street, Adelaide) and the Mercury Cinema (Morphett Street, Adelaide).

The Cast & Director of GUARDIAN: Andrew Cienciala, Katherine Marie Hunter, Ben Warner, Charlotte Hogan, Rebecca Ker & Allen Anderson

The Producers of GUARDIAN: Mara Warner, Ben Warner, Michael Clarkin, Stephan Kern

Andrew Cienciala & Charlotte Hogan

Beau Wellington & Ben Warner

Ben Warner & Mara Warner


Ben Warner & Stephan Kern

Rebecca Ker & Andrew Cienciala


Jason Munn, Katherine Marie Hunter & Stephan Kern

Stephanie Horlin-Smith, Katherine Marie Hunter, Danielle Thomas & Rebecca Ker


Shelley-Anne Ball & Tanya Best

Stephanie Horlin-Smith, Charlotte Hogan & Danielle Thomas


Michelle Polec & Tanya Best

Katherine Marie Hunter & Andrew Cienciala

Final words from Ben Warner before the World Premiere Screening

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