Guardian Part I

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Nicole Jackson is a hard working university student who goes on a camping trip with her parents to the beautiful Welstree forest. Events take an unexpected turn when her parents disappear and she encounters an unusual girl in the forest.

Guardian Part II

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Businessman Russell Jackson has a nightmare about a ghostly girl in the forest, while Dr Carla Morgan takes Nicole Jackson under wing, beginning an investigation in to her unusual case.

Guardian Part III

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Carla calls her old flame Russell to inform him of the situation regarding Nicole, his niece. To Carla's disbelief, Russell is reluctant to take her in, but eventually gives in. Meanwhile, Russell continues to see visions of Rachel.

Guardian Part IV

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Nicole and Russell get to know each other better over dinner at Russell's home, and finding they have an unexpected rapport, while Carla has an unusual vision of Rachel.

Guardian Part V

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Carla informs Russell that there is a connection between Nicole and an old case involving a girl named Rachel who disappeared in the forest seven years earlier. As she investigates, Carla has a strange, paranormal experience in the forest where Nicole's parents disappeared.

Guardian Part VI

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Nicole begins to see the hidden truths behind Russell and her connection to him, thanks to Rachel's supernatural influence. Nicole seeks Carla's help in coming to terms with these truths.

Guardian Part VII

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The final episode from the supernatural drama web series GUARDIAN. Russell is brought to account for his past actions, while Rachel moves on to a new person to look out for.

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SYNOPSIS: The lives of three disparate people are brought together by a mysterious supernatural force whose intent is to reveal the hidden truth that binds them together.

"Guardian" began life as a 101-minute feature film from production company Digicosm and filmmaker Ben Warner, originally completed in 2002.

The film was re-made in to a multi-part mini-series available to watch online for Small Wave TV. The series features a new musical score and soundtrack.

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