The FiST Report

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Calling all enthusiasts of Film, Science and Technology: Join Stephan Kern and Ben Warner as they cover engaging and discussion-provoking developments in the realms of film, science and technology, as well as film reviews and analysis from Todd Murphy of All About

The FiST Report is based on the weekly podcast FiST Chat, hosted by Stephan Kern and Ben Warner. The podcast features insightful and entertaining discussions on topics related to film, science and technology.

Stephan Kern is a trained scientist, documentary maker, educator and writer. He has worked at 20th Century Fox in London, for the Nine Television Network in Australia, and for the RI Aus. He has written and produced a number of films and documentaries, and is the founder of production company Occidental Films.

Ben Warner is an independent filmmaker, writer, and online content developer. Ben is the founder of production companies Digicosm and Small Wave Films, and has produced and directed numerous short films, feature films and documentaries since the late 1990s. When he’s not working, Ben indulges his love of travelling, food, technology, cinema, and music.

The FiST Report 2011-12
The FiST Report 2013

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